Erik Lindner was born on the third of May 1968.

At the age of sixteen he began to perform his poetry. During the first ten years of performing (1984-1994) he often worked with musicians. Later he read his work but remained a strong rythmical voice.

Outside Holland and Belgium, he read his work in Albania, Canada, Germany, France, Macedonia, Great-Brittain, Belgium, Italy, Taiwan and Turkey. On all these occasions he read his poetry in Dutch and translations were presented. Introductions were given in English or French.

He has been a participant in the Crossing Border Festivals (1993, 1994 in Germany, 1996 and 2009), Cambridge Concerence of Contemporary Poetry (2000), Taipei First International Poetry Festival (2001), Poetry International in Rotterdam (2002), Hay-on-Wye Litterature Festival (2006), Festival International de Poésie Trois Rivières (2006, 2012), Dürres Poeteka festival (2009), Ditet et Naimit Tetovo (2009), Istanbul International Poetry Festival (2011), Poetry on the Road Bremen (2012), Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin (2012), Maasticht International Poetry Nights (2012) and Trieste Poesia Festival (2012).

In 2012 he was a resident by the Berliner Kuenstlerprogramm of the Deutsch Akademischer Austausch Dienst (D.A.A.D.)

He had shorter residencies in Athens (NIA), Marseille (cipM), Montreal (UNEQ), Paris (Institut Néerlandais), Vlissingen (Willem 3) and Vollezele (Het beschrijf/ Passa Porta).

His début is called Tramontane (Perdu, 1996). Since then, he has published three more collections of poetry: Tong en trede (De Bezige Bij, 2000), Tafel (De Bezige Bij, 2004) and Terrein (De Bezige Bij, 2010)

He has organised literary events in his hometown The Hague (Den Haag) and in the Institut Néerlandais, the Dutch institut in Paris up untill 2003.
He has been a teacher of creative writing at several academies including the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of the Arts.

He edited the anthology Le verre est un liquide lent ; 33 poètes néerlandais (Farrago, Tours 2003), with French translations of 33 Dutch poets.

His own collection Terrain was published June 2007 at the Centre International de Poésie Marseille.

His work appeared in litterary reviews in Austria (Manuskripte), Great Brittain (Leviathan Quarterly, Poetry Review), France (Quaderno, Action poétique, Po&sie, If), Germany (Edit, Spritz), Taiwan (Unitas), USA (Interim).
He has ten poems recorder than can be heared on the internet on with translations in several languages.


In 2013 his first novel will be published by De Bezige Bij and a collection of his poetry translated into German by Rosemarie Still will be published by Matthes & Seitz, in de Spuren-series.


Erik Lindner works as a free-lance poetry critic and is an editor of two litterary reviews in Holland, De Revisor and Terras .


He made live-reports and correspondences from Montreal, Tirana and Taiwan for Dutch radio. His notes on Taipei are translated in English.

The Dutch section of this website gives a full schedule of his publications, performances, organizations, teaching, residences, and a selection of published and unpublished material.

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