2007, September
Poetry Review, London. Volume 97:3 autumn 2007.
Contemporary Dutch poets: a Poetry Review supplement.
'To Acedia' (3), Reason, 'Ostend' (2), 'The push-off with which a sponge wipes', translated by Paul Vincent

2007, March 9
Taiwan Journal, published by Cheng Wen-tsang, Taipei.
'The window opens a crack' and 'When I can esacpe my words no longer', translated by Paul Vincent

2007, January
Notes on Taipei, broadcasted live on Dutch radio.
Four emissions, translated by Megan Keating

2005, October
The Amsterdam Review, issue #2.
'Hitchhiking to Acedia', translated by Willem Groenewegen

2002, June

Leviathan Quarterly 4. Salt editors, Cambridge.
'To Acedia'(3), 'The windows opens a crack' and 'There is blood in your lips', translated by Paul Vincent

2000, April
Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry (CCCP) publications.
Tongue and tread, versions by Kevin Nolan

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