January 16, 2007

A parking garage in a park. A spider web as a flat roof on top of branches. A single leaf, that is touched by the wind, or that is loose on the branch, moves. Is Taiwan a more modern society than ours? Stripes on the platform between which one waits in order not to be in the way of the people coming out of the metro. Stripes on the platform in between which there is camera control at night. A container of umbrellas in the shape of a squirrel that when you enter says welcome and when you leave bye-bye. Tables in public spaces to change baby’s nappies. Metal baskets at every metro entrance containing long plastic bags for wet umbrellas. Dust masks and hats. Binoculars and cameras. Folding bi-cycles with low seats. Stacked plastic helmets of road workers. The rectangle on the road for the scooters at the traffic lights who turn left. The bridge of two water tubes above the river. The little plastic top on an umbrella to be used as a walking stick. The electricity meters outside houses, above the letterboxes. At people’s homes: the neon light in the living room, the stately portraits of the grandparents. The bathrooms look like those at a gym, the small square grey tiles. On a flat roof: chairs, a suitcase, a stroller and two TVs.

The futility of western signs: a boy prays in a temple in a playboy t-shirt.

A man that walks slowly suddenly starts to run. A woman shaking her right wrist while embracing her husband with her left arm. White powdered ladies chewing sugar cane. Women resting on parked scooters. A woman eating strawberries in an empty pharmacy. A mute plant vendor is making gestures. On a street corner cupboards are sawn. A vendor is grinding spices in a silver cup.  Rinsing eggs. A girl yawns with her hand in front of her month. A scooterist is sleeping in front of traffic lights.

Taipei is full of public parks where people are stretching their legs, waving their arms, walking on stones as foot massage. Lying on their backs on truck tyres partially buried. A little white dog walks with four knitted finger socks on. Three girls are pushing the wheelchairs of their grandparents and moving their arses in the same rhythm. On a street corner hangs a quilt on a clothesline. An old woman is sitting on an office chair with a walking stick between her knees.